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You deserve a better procurement experience

Today's wholesalers operate inefficient distribution networks that charge excessive margins for commodity products and error-prone services.

Stop settling for inefficient supply chains with outdated cost structures

At Material Supply, we’ve developed centralized processes that aggregate and automate distribution to ensure that you pay the lowest possible prices.

Find the right materials

Cutting-edge search algorithms find you the best materials based on your location, application, and other search specifications.

Compare the best prices

Centralized distribution empowers greater economies of scale that allow us to strip costs out at every stage and pass those savings to our customers.

Optimize your logistics

Fully customizable shipping controls allow you to specify where, when, and how your materials are transported.


Instantly find the right materials

Procurement errors are expensive. Material Supply enables you to download instant pricing, quotes, and completed material takeoffs for all local public tenders and private projects that you've been invited to. Our database tracks project locations and industries (e.g. New York Waterworks) so that you can compare only materials that meet that specification.


Compare quotes for the best deals

Never wait for a wholesaler's quote again. Our platform updates prices in real time so you always know what your costs are. Minimalized cost structures, low margins, and integrated manufacturer loyalty programs ensure that you always receive the most competitive prices on your materials.

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Customize your shipping schedules

Assign your materials to one or more shipments and schedule their delivery dates. Specify a shipping method or let our automated system instantly find the most affordable option. Earn prepaid freight credits on every order to minimize your expenses.

Scale your productivity with integrations

Save thousands of hours with our ERP and accounting software integrations.