Say goodbye to outrageous wholesaler margins

Material Supply was built to offer the lowest possible prices through a centralized distribution process. Materials are stocked regionally and shipped at lightning speeds to meet even the toughest lead time requirements.







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Minimum cost. Maximum value.

At Material Supply, we centralize and automate our processes to cut costs, ensure error-free service, and provide the most competitive prices on your materials.

Scale your productivity with our ERP Integrations

Manually matching your accounting and procurement data is time-consuming and can result in errors. Our seamless integrations solve this problem by instantly syncing your data across the tools that your business relies on.

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Evaluate all your options at the best prices

Ever get the feeling that wholesalers are only quoting you what’s convenient for them? We don’t believe in shortcuts which is why you can always compare all approved alternatives to get the best possible prices.

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Get instant pricing and scheduling service

Wholesalers can take days to calculate a typical price quote. Load your local specifications, browse approved products, and never wait on another price quote again.

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Join thousands of contractors to start reducing your procurement project costs today!


Buy from the best selection to meet your project needs

The job of procurement professionals is to ensure that they are getting the best possible prices on the materials their projects require. Our automated systems alert you to potential cost savings and flag any additional materials that may be required for your project based on local specifications.


Customize your shipments and optimize your project planning

Our platform allows you to customize how your materials arrive on site. Specify the number of shipments you'd like to schedule and what materials will be on each. For each shipment, choose:

  • Delivery dates, methods and specialty services
  • Addresses, contacts and delivery instructions

Supercharge your team's collaboration

Some of the roles that Material Supply supports are: estimators, site crews, managers, payables and administration. Our platform ensures that your teams always have access to the information they require:

  • Tender amendments and project changelogs
  • Shipping schedule and project alerts
  • Payables, admin and operational records